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“Thanks again for the finest sales newsletter I have subscribed to.  (And I subscribe to 5 of them!) The information you provided helped me grow deposits at my branch 17 % in the first 7 months of this year, versus a growth goal of 3%.  I no longer fear picking up the phone to make business to business calls.”

Susan Orchard, VP and Branch Manager of a MAJOR financial institution

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November 9   Who Actually Has the Money Problem?  Your prospect, or YOU?

November 3   Responding to “Why Should I Buy From You?”

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October 20   Video: The Clueless Cold Caller, Al Smolski, Calls Art

October 12   What to Do When You Get Hung Up On

October 5   What to Do When the Prospect Seems Too Good to Be True

September 28   Three Quick Tips for More Effective Follow-Ups

September 22   11 Quick Prospecting Tips for Greater Results

September 13   10 Sales “Tricks” — Or Are They Just Good Strategies?

September 7   If You Can Fill In the Blanks, You Can Get New Business

August 31   Smart Calling Brief Tips: When They Go Silent on You; What to Send Before Calls; Getting Personal With Questions

August 23   <Smart Calling Video> Extreme Makeover – Phone Prospecting Edition

August 18   Avoid These Words When Quoting Your Price

August 9   How To… Hey, Look Over There!


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